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East Coast Artist-in-Residence welcomes artists to a sub-urban yet multifaceted tranquil environment. KUANTAN, is a developing small town located in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, in the largest Pahang state of the Peninsular Island, offering a true local Malaysian experience surrounded by rainforest and refreshing crystal clear island beaches. Unlike the capital city Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan offers a peaceful getaway from hectic lifestyle where culture will be a big part of your experience, you can cycle around the town, visit the famous flora and fauna just miles away, tasting the very affordable traditional cuisines and most importantly, getting inspirations on your own sweet time, as well as new ideas for your upcoming artworks.

ECAiR provides an environment with very little contemporary art distractions. A very unique atmosphere for artists, writers and performers to be in an entirely new environment with unlimited space of freedom physically, mentally and aesthetically. At the end of ECAiR program, participants will have the options to exhibit their artworks in Kuantan or Kuala Lumpur, to conduct public lectures or talks at local institutions, OR none of the above but to write about their ECAiR residency experience. ECAiR aims to bring ART to the next level. *all subject to availability*

ECAiR provides curatorial supports to identify and secure materials, marketing and publicity on local press, documentation of residency, opening reception at the end of the residency. (cost of production to be bear by artist him/herself).




  • 1 to 12 months
  • Max 3 artists at a time

Residency Fee (paid by artist)

  • RM 2,000 per month / $ 610 per month / € 450 per month
  • Artists who apply for 3 months or more will
  • be eligible for residency fee of RM 1,800 per month

The residency fee covers the studio and accommodation (2 rooms), utility bills for water and electricity, wi-fi Internet, and other associated costs but does not cover travel, visa*, materials or entertainment and food costs.

*for visa requirements, please visit: Visa requirements to enter Malaysia


Part of the international residency fee will go to the local emerging artist fund to support local artists to join the residency for cultural exchange while international artists are participating.

ECAiR also supports artists from surrounding countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines.

Local artists are encouraged to apply, we are working on funding and promoting local emerging artists. The chance to participate in ECAiR with international artists for cultural and aesthetic exchange will be very influential and inspiring. Please contact us for further details.

In Kuantan

In Kuantan, artists will be able to have a very laid-back lifestyle, far from the fast and stressful pace of big cities. Here, they can enjoy a non-hectic environment and relax : the best setting to create and be inspired.


Being part of Malaysia, a Muslim country, Kuantan is a multiracial & multireligious city . That particular setting allows artists to be live in an entirely different cultural environment.


The capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur (KL) is just 250km southwest, accessible through everyday flights and buses.

Most of the famous Peninsular Islands are located at the East Coast, which means you are so close to most of them. (Pulau Tioman, Pulau Kapas, Lang Tengah, Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian…) Popular surfing, kite surfing site – Cherating Beach is about 43km East, with world renown Club Med Resort a little further.

Sungai Lembing, a major producer of underground tin mining village until the 1970s—is just 29km outside Kuantan. (Hiking, caves, waterfalls – famous rainbow waterfall, hanging bridge…)


The bus routes in city were introduced two years ago making it easy to circulate within the city. Buses can take you to the blue Mosque, the beach or even big malls if you would like to do some shopping. ECAiR also provides bicycles for artists as a mode of transportation, other options are walking and taking taxi. The nearest bus stop is 20mins walk from the residency, bus intervals vary from 15 – 45mins.


Enjoy the local Malaysian experience by participating in ECAiR where you will be living in a local community. Be inspired by new ideas and directions through the peacefulness of Kuantan beach town.


We also have many festive events all year round. Please visit the following website for more info:


"A very unique atmosphere for artists, writers and performers to be in an entirely new environment with unlimited space of freedom physically, mentally and aesthetically"

ECAiR, Kuantan

Our Artists

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 2.53.15 PM

Raul Mirlo


UNCONCEALED by Raul Mirlo at The Warehouse Gallery




Roman from Australia found his Nemo!


Ariane Blais


Ariane Blais in ECAiR

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